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About Haut Terrain

Haut Terrain is French for High Ground.  The name came to me in a dream and aptly describes my approach to living.  When we seek high ground, we are able to focus on what is most important - and that is truth, beauty and love.  Let me tell you about the higher ground services I offer:

Healing Touch Sessions & Workshops

Healing Touch is a form of energy work that was developed by Janet Mentgen under the auspices of the American Holistic Nurses Association. It uses gentle touch on a clothed body to balance the energy systems and clear away congested energy associated with malaise or disease. 

Individual sessions

First session is 90 minutes - includes 30 min medical history intake and 1 hour on the table.

Subsequent sessions are 1 hour.


Self -chakra connection (45 minutes)  I teach about the chakra energy system of the body and how to connect your own chakras as a daily practice for maintaining wellness.

Teaching HT to Children (2 hours)  Children ages 6-12 learn to use the healing energy in their hands for their own highest good and wellness as a lifelong practice.  A parent also attends. A children’s instruction book is included.


Speaker for your health related event.

Topics:  Everything is Energy, Healing from Breast Cancer, The Power of Visualization in Healing, Repairing the Immune System, Humor and Healing

Healing Meditation Recordings/CDs

My own healing journey from a stage III breast cancer taught me the benefits of visualization and thoughtful communication with my own body cells and tissues.  Unable to provide Healing Touch to as many people undergoing surgery, chemotherapy and radiation as I would like, I recorded 2 CDs.  Please visit the Meditations/CDs page by clicking on the link above in the banner.

Young Living Essential Oils

Join Young Living/Order oils

Let me help you get started living with YL oils - place an order


Introduction to Nine Basic Essential Oils

A Day in the Life using Essential Oils

Bringing up Baby with Essential Oils

Emotional Release with Essential Oils

Keeping your Home Healthy & Safe with Thieves products

Potions & Lotions - making your own oil blends - great for gift-giving!

Field Trips, Classes & Workshops

Seasonal Field Walks (2-3 hours)

Spring Wildflowers (April-May)

Mushroom forays (May - October)

Winter Botany (January - March)


Half -day (9-12)

Whole day (9:30-3:30)

Topics:  Introduction to Wild Mushrooms, Intermediate Level Mushrooms,, Fungal Microscopy, Lichens 101, Top 10 Easy Non-Gilled Edible Mushrooms and more...


1-2 hour talk/slide show on many fungal, botanical, natural history topics.

Please contact me to set up a workshop, presentation or individual session.